The Compaq Support Software CD for Compaq Portable Products

While looking through spindles of software, I rediscovered an old CD called the Compaq Support Software CD for Compaq Portable Products. This disc was a fantastic CD to have in the 1990-2000s when my Internet connection was a 28K dial-up service. It contained drivers, utilities, firmware, and more for Compaq’s 90s laptops in an easy-to-use web browser interface. Several members of my family and I had LTE 5000 series laptops and used the CD to reload drivers and software after OS installs.

The Support Software CD is not as important as back in the 90s. But people in the retro PC community are always searching for computer restore or driver CDs. In addition, some hardware isn’t usable without the software contained on those discs. To do my part, I have created an ISO image of the CD and uploaded it to My hope is it will be preserved long after I’ve forgotten about the Compaq LTE laptops and associated CDs.

Have fun,