Test Post on Hawkhost

Hey look, Lookanotherblog is on new hosting. Can’t tell a difference? Exactly. Well, except for the shinny pad lock icon in your address bar. I decided it was time to finally jump ship from GoDaddy after 7 years. Everybody loves to hate on GoDaddy since it is one of the largest web hosting services on the Internet. There’s also arguments they are anti-competitive when trying to leave. I never had major issues with their services and getting my domain unlocked and moved over to Namecheap.com was painless.

For hosting I’m on HawkHost.com. There were two big draws to this fairly new hosting service. 1. Support for Let’s Encrypt. 2. Unlimited domains/databases/bandwidth for their basic shared hosting package. Now I can run the site under the root domain and my TT-RSS instance under its own subdomain.

That’s all there is for now.

Have fun