Newton Networking On-The-Go

A public service announcement from a fellow Newton nerd

Do you surf the web on a mobile phone?
Do you find that experience too rich and interactive?
Do you wish for a simpler Internet experience while on the go?
What if I told you there was a way? A way to surf the Internet anywhere there is a cellular signal?
And do it from a Newton?

Introducing: WiFi Tether 3.1 Beta 11. Now with WiFi Tether you can turn your mobile phone into a mobile wifi hotspot and allow any wireless device to connect on the go.

How much would you be willing to pay for a product like this? $20? $50? $100? Now for an unlimited time you can have Wifi Tether 3.1 Beta 11 for the low price of $0.00. To prove how easy this product it I’m going to demonstrate on an Apple Newton 2000 MessagePad. Just watch:

  1. Download WiFi Tether from
  2. Launch “WiFi Tether” from the apps drawer

  3. On the Newton open the wifi slip set the SSID to “AndroidTether”
  4. Open your favorite Internet application to bring up the connection slip
  5. Use a Internet setup configured for DHCP
  6. And connect to your desired Internet website/service

Here you can see the Newton connected to Google’s PDA formatted homepage using the Newt’sCape web browser. Nothing special except I downloaded the site over Verizon 3G.

Here you can see WiFi Tether showing that a device has connected wirelessly. The MAC address prefix belongs to Lucent Technologies who made the WaveLAN Turbo card I have.

And there you have it. A connected Newton or computer anywhere you go. Couldn’t be simpler.

Have fun.