Newton Posting Works

You will probably see a lot of posts like this. After much trial & error I have successfully posted a blog entry from my Apple Newton 2100. What is a Newton you ask? This should help answer your question.

Anyway, below are the steps and settings I had to use to get application, nblog, working:

1. Go to
2. Download and install XML-RPC.pkg, nBlog.pkg, and nHTML.PKG

I’m using WordPress 3.0.1 as my CMS with everything setup and hosted at Your settings may be slightly different.

Path: /xmlrpc.php
Port: 80
Weblog API: MovableType

*Note: you will need to go into your Word Press configuration and enable the XML-RPC option under Settings > Writing.

I would like give a shout out and say thanks to Tony Kan and his blog, Tony posts regular information about the Newton and the community that surrounds it. He has managed to get nblog to work with Blogger in the past so I asked myself why couldn’t I get it to work with WordPress.