A New Way to Carry a Camera

Like many people today I like to enjoy the hobby of photography. While I certainly won’t make a career out of the photos I take, getting outside hiking with a camera is a fun pastime. Whether it is one tree changing colors before the rest or seeing deer and turkeys run through the forest, there is always something to photograph. Last year I took the opportunity to upgrade from Canon Powershot A630 to the Nikon D3000. I have to say the change has been welcomed fun. All of the controls are easier to access through the screen settings and dials. The larger lenses and sensor allow more light to be collected and therefore clearer pictures. The zoom control of the lenses is precise so I can perfectly frame a shot.

If I have to criticize the D3000 for one thing it would be the provided neck strap. While hiking the neck strap will rub my neck badly and cause it to sweat. Overall it’s just uncomfortable. It’s a little difficult upgrading from a camera that will fit in a cargo pocket to one that s constantly hanging from my neck. There has to be a better solution.

Thankfully, the local camera store here in Louisville has provided me the answer in the name of the BlackRapid RS-4 camera sling. Instead of camera hanging from my neck, the sling allows the camera to hang to my side much like messenger bag. The RS-4 is designed so the camera can be quickly swung up to my face for shots then just as easily return to my side. No longer do I have to deal with the uncomfortable neck strap that came with the D3000. Another great feature the products from BlackRapid have is they work with almost any camera. From small point-and-shoots to large SLR or video cameras all I have to do is screw the provided fastener into the tripod socket found on the bottom the camera.

After several hiking trips to local parks and forests I couldn’t be happier with the Black Rapid RS-4. For anybody looking at replacing the neck strap, wrist strap, or any other strap on their camera I highly recommend checking out the products from BlackRapid.


Have fun,