Running Stable Diffusion Image Generation on Your CPU

AI image generation has been making a lot of buzz lately. It’s an exciting space due to the systems like DALLĀ·E and Midjourney becoming available for people outside the AI world to play with. However, the one I find compelling, from a tech nerd viewpoint, is Stable Diffusion because it is open source and can run on local hardware. So, of course, I have to try it out and see how it worked. 

Getting Stable Diffusion running on my hardware is more complicated than at first glance. Out of the box, the project is designed to run on the PyTorch machine learning framework. That can be a problem because PyTorch only supports hardware acceleration using NVIDIA’s CUDA API, AMD’s ROCM API, or Apple’s Metal API (using MPS). What if you don’t have a system supported by those APIs, like most laptops? There is another option.

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