PlayStation 3 Jailbreaking is Here

The PS3 flew the coup

The PS3 flew the coup

A lot can be said for the security features built into the PlayStation 3. It took almost four years for enthusiasts to find a way to run unapproved code on the PlayStation without the use of the “Other OS” feature. Sony quickly removed Other OS after hackers used it to gain low-level access to the system. Now there is a way new way to “jailbreak” the PS3 and run applications. All that is involved is a programmable USB device and source code. Other people have taken the code and ported it to devices so you can use your android phone or Linux PIM. Someone even managed to port the code to the TI-84 calculator. If working with DIY components and code isn’t your sort of thing, complete USB packages can be purchased from resellers online. Eventually all of this could lead to a homebrew community as large as the PSP with lots apps and mods. Personally, I’m waiting for the emulators to be ported over so I can get some SNES action.

Steps for jailbreaking a PS3 using a calculator after the break.

What you will need:
1. TI-84 Plus or Silver Edition Calculator
2. TI Connect software
3. USB mini cable
4. PSGroove for TI-84 Plus

1. Download the TI Connect software and install it on your computer.
2. Download PSGroove for TI-84 Plus.
3. Connect your calculator to your computer and launch the TI Connect software.
4. Open TI Device Explorer and install the PSGroove application. It is called “PS3JB.8xk”.
5. Close the TI Connect software and disconnect the calculator from the computer.
6. Power Off your PS3 (Fat: flip the power switch, Slim: unplug the power cord).
7. Connect your calculator to the PS3. Launch the PS3JB application.
8. In the PS3JB application, press Enter and then 1.
9. Re-connect power to your PS3.
10. Press the power button on the PS3 and immediately press the eject button.
11. The calculator will now display “Working…” When you see “Working… Done” displayed on the calculator, release the eject button.

If you do not see “Working… Done” then the jailbreak did not get applied correctly. You will need to back and start at step 6.

A new item should appear under the game menu labeled “Install Package Files”. Using a flash drive and a computer you can download homebrew applications and install them on the PS3. Right now there isn’t a whole lot you can do, but the homebrew community will no doubt take care of that issue quickly.

Note 1: DO NOT LOG INTO PSN WITH THIS JAILBREAK ENABLED. Sony is banning consoles if they detect unsigned applications installed. If you want to go online then uninstall any applications and restart the PS3 without the calculator connected.

Note 2: Sony released firmware update 3.42, which breaks the exploit used by all of the jailbreak devices. If you want to use any homebrew application then DO NOT INSTALL FIRMWARE UPDATE 3.42.

Sources:, PSGroove for TI-84 Plus readme

The photo is my own creation. As you can see my drawing skills are limited.